Advantages of Intermediate Frequency Comprehensive Therapy Apparatus

June 29, 2021

Reduce nerve pain like numbness, tingling or burning, in this case TENS machine is used to reduce pain by blocking pain signals.

For treatment of musculoskeletal injuries(e.g tendenitis,bursitis,carpal tunnel syndrome,shoulder and knee injuries,plantar fasciitis etc),shockwave therapy commonly used to treat patient. This therapy is not only useful in treating injuries but also increase blood flow to stimulate healing process.

Electrotherapy is actually a safe,non-invasive and non-toxic method to treat chronic conditions (which make it difficult to perform daily life activities).Although some pain reducing medicines also used.

EMS which is another electrotherapy modality used to treat muscle atrophy(or muscle wasting), muscle atrophy restrict movement and cause stiffness and pain. So, EMS helps in stimulating muscle to contract.

Relax muscle spasm

Improve range of motion

Neuromuscular reeducation

Prevent surgery

Intermediate Frequency Comprehensive Therapy Apparatus helps to restore and maintain patient's health and mobility through physical rehabilitation. So why i choose this current profession, because" I enjoy helping from all ages suffering from injury,illness or disability. I feel satisfied when i help those people who are not able to do anything because of physical impairment.