Can I Massage The Soles Of My Feet With Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat During Menstruation?

May 9, 2021

Foot massage is possible during menstruation, but you must pay attention and position during the operation. Foot massage can obviously stimulate the meridians of the whole body, so as to relieve fatigue and assist in the treatment of diseases.

During menstruation, according to the amount of menstruation, different massage techniques and strengths can be adopted.

If the menstrual flow is too low, you can increase the intensity of the foot massage appropriately to help increase and smooth the menstrual flow.

For women with excessive menstrual flow, it is recommended to tell the operator to use gentle techniques during foot massage. Pay special attention to women with heavy menstrual flow. It is not suitable to massage at Yongquan and Taichong points, as well as those with soothing liver, Excessive operations on acupuncture points for promoting qi and blood circulation can prevent menstruation from being difficult to stop and increase menstrual flow.

Therefore, you should tell your doctor how much your menstrual volume is, and ask the doctor to give you a massage or use the Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat to have a relax.