Do Not Need Squeeze Out The Breast Pump If There Is Too Much Milk

May 18, 2021

Some mothers have so much milk that their babies can't finish eating, but they don't know how to use a breast pump to squeeze out the excess breast milk.

If breast milk is blocked in the mammary ducts for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, leading to pathological swelling, and the breasts feel particularly painful to the touch. In addition, when the baby first started feeding, if the mother had too much milk in her breasts, there would be a milk ejection reflex, causing the baby to have too much time to swallow, choke easily, or simply refuse to breastfeed.

The doctor recommends that the excess milk should be pumped out after breastfeeding. For mothers who are particularly breast-feeding, use a Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pump to squeeze out the foremilk before breastfeeding, and let the baby suck after the breasts become slightly softer. If you feel that your breasts are still swollen after breastfeeding, and you feel that there is still milk to eat, the mother can also use a breast pump to squeeze out the remaining milk.