Do Rechargeable LED Beauty Spectrum Mask Instrument really works?

July 9, 2021

Are you familiar with the photon therapy?

Light-emitting diode treatments are an established therapy in many medical aesthetic clinics. Most machines are designed for facial treatment and work by non-thermal photobiomodulation-stimulating fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis and growth factors. They use mainly blue, red and near infrared light and are efficacious in treating acne, psoriasis, photorejuvenation and wound healing. The treatment has relatively few side effects and has a short downtime. They tend to be used in combination with other treatment modalities, such as radiofrequency, skin-tightening and lasers, but can be used as a standalone treatment. Treatment protocols vary but usually require several treatments over a few weeks, with the effects taking 3 to 6 months to become evident.

The newly developed Rechargeable LED Beauty Spectrum Mask Instrument is becoming more and more popular on the market.