Excessive Using Double Electric Breast Pumps Can Damage The Nipples?

May 17, 2021

Some mothers think that breast pumps are omnipotent, but they don't know that if they are used improperly, breast pumps can also damage the nipples. If you use a breast pump without dredging the breast duct, it may become more and more blocked.

The doctor recommends that women who give birth naturally have postpartum physical swelling on the second day after delivery, and women undergoing cesarean section on the third day after delivery. At this time, as long as the baby sucks correctly, the mammary ducts can usually be unblocked. If you want to use a breast pump, you must first ensure that the breast duct is unobstructed. If the breast pump has caused severe edema of the nipple, even manual massage must be stopped, and the nipple can only be fully rested first. Also, mothers should not use a breast pump to pump milk for too long. Under normal circumstances, the total pump time of both breasts should not exceed half an hour.

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