Family Foot Massage Includes 2 Parts, Foot Bath And Magnetic Therapy With Foot Circulation Device With Heat

May 2, 2021

The foot is also called the second heart of the human body. This is because scientific research has proved that there are reflection areas and meridian distributions on the feet corresponding to the various organs of the human body. When the feet are soaked in warm water, these reflections can be stimulated. It promotes the blood circulation of the human body, regulates the endocrine system, enhances the functions of human organs, and achieves the health effects of disease prevention and treatment.

At the same time, thermal stimulation will speed up the microcirculation of the foot and open the pores. On this basis, the magnetic line of force combined with magnetic therapy can easily penetrate, acting on the important acupuncture points of the foot and the projection area of the organs, which increases the effect of foot massage several times. Of course, this combination of the two is much better than a single hot water foot bath.

With the rapid development of magnetic therapy, magnetic therapy has been widely used in various departments in the medical field. The application of Foot circulation device with heat is mainly reflected in the foot bath container. Above, the commonly used magnetic therapy footbath, which belongs to the field of medical supplies, solves the problems of complicated structure, high cost, and improper position of permanent magnets in the existing footbath. It is composed of a water basin and permanent magnets. The bottom of the water basin has two bosses similar in size and shape to the soles of the feet. Each foot boss has a round bulge in the middle, and a plurality of permanent magnets are embedded in it. The depth of the water basin exceeds 160 mm. The magnetic line of force can act on the middle of the foot, which is simple, applicable, and low in cost. The magnetic footbath is a full and reasonable combination of hot-water footbath and magnetic therapy, which maximizes the effect of foot massage on treatment and health care.