Health- care by Foot Bath in Traditional Chinese Medicine way

February 19, 2021

Hello everyone, “strong cold air” is coming, are you feeling it? This early morning,when I refreshed my WeChat "moments",and saw such a “moments”from one of my friends: “Awakened by the cold as well as the fierce wind .” I couldn't help having a cold shivering.Today, it’s time for me to return the library books .When I looked out the window and saw the howling wind and light rain, I very nearly decided to just leave it and stay at home instead.(Well,I will be fined for those overdue
returning library books).Anyway, I was just happy not have to go out and not have to be wrapped up in 5 layers of clothing!

As I write this posts,I decided to warm myself up with a hot water foot bath.I got the whole foot bath messages from CCTV10《Jian Kang zhi Lu》program. I have insisted on daily foot baths for over one year, and it indeed benefits me a lot. Let's start foot bath journey:

The feet are very important in health maintenance. According to TCM, foot is the second heart of human body, a barometer that reflects the state of body health.Six meridians (liver, gall bladder, kidney, spleen and stomach) reach the feet. Each of which has about 60 -100 acupunture points. As with the ear, the foot has points that correspond to many parts of the body. The expert pointed out that most of the long-lived people have such a good habit.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommends daily foot baths and sometimes taking herbal soaks warms the entire body,promote blood circulation and relieve stress. This practice blocks what Chinese medicine calls “Wind-Cold” from penetrating more deeply into the body when exposure to Winter cold and wind has set off the cold “alarm” in your body with feelings of chills, headache, or mild fever.

From a medical point of view, the temperature of foot bath water is different based on the different constitution and diseases.For Insomnia patients, the water temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius; For those cardiovascular disease patients, the best water temperature is around 37-39 degrees Celsius; For those arthritis and backache leg pain patients, the best water temperature is around 43 degrees Celsius. You are suggested to use the Foot circulation device with heat.