How Does electrotherapy Ultrasound Combination Therapy Machine Work

June 28, 2021

Electrotherapeutic devices can offer different therapeutic waveforms. An electrical stimulation device includes electrodes that are attached to the treatment area and when activated, the electrical energy of the device causes the muscles to contract. This contraction imitates the body’s natural movement during activity and can prevent muscular atrophy.

The most common waveforms found in electrical stimulation are: TENS, Russian, Interferential, Premodulated, Biphasic, High Voltage and Microcurrent. Each waveform has its own therapeutic benefits, so many devices may offer the practitioner multiple waveforms in order to offer them the most use across diverse patient.electrotherapy Ultrasound Combination Therapy Machine.

Electrotherapy Ultrasound Combination Therapy Machine is scientifically supported as being a useful modality to reduce both pain and swelling while improving healing outcomes for diverse patient groups.

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