How Is The Effect Of Reflex Zone Therapy On The Soles Of The Fee By Using Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat?

May 8, 2021

According to TCM theory, people have "four roots"-ear root, nose root, milk root and foot root, among which the root of the foot is the root of the four roots. "The old feet decay first, and the wood wilt and the roots are exhausted" shows the importance of the feet to the human body.

As a conditioning method to adjust the internal functions of the body, the foot reflex zone therapy has a significant effect on the conditioning of various system diseases throughout the body. Such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, diabetes, hypertension, neurosis in internal medicine; bone hyperplasia and soft tissue injury in orthopedics and traumatology; irregular menstruation and menopausal syndrome in gynecology; cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, and respiratory infection in pediatrics.

Especially patients suffering from diabetes should receive foot massage and acupoint stimulation frequently to allow blood to reach the peripheral nerves. In addition, reflexology and acupoint stimulation are the most beneficial to chronic patients, such as those with frequent insomnia and weak physique. After reflexology, the effect is significant.

At present times, using a Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat can achieve the same effect.