How To Choose A Cost-effective Bed Bath And Beyond Foot Massager

May 10, 2021

In terms of purchase, we use the purchase reference index of each function as the basis to distinguish the priority to select the foot massager.

Safe material

Since the foot massager is an electrical appliance that directly contacts the human body, its safety is particularly important. In addition to selecting products that have passed the inspection of a nationally recognized testing agency. In addition, most foot massagers are made of plastic shell, try to choose brand new ABS or PP materials.

Massage technique

Most foot massagers on the market use mechanical arms to simulate various massage methods of human hands. Common foot massage techniques include pinching, rolling, scraping, topping, kneading, and pushing. When buying, you can focus on asking the clerk or look at the massage methods supported by the massager product brochure.

Massage fineness and strength

In addition to having enough massage techniques to choose from, the fineness of the massage cannot be ignored. Because there are a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of your feet, you can get good results if you press them accurately.

In addition, according to the different stress conditions of the elderly and young people, a foot massager with adjustable strength should also be purchased.

Extra features In addition to the functions of the Bed bath and beyond foot massager, many unique functions have been added, such as full-angle wrapping, airbag massage, warm compress, sterilization, etc. Function. Some also extend upward to increase the function of massaging the calf.