How to evaluate a Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask is high quality?

July 19, 2022

When evaluating a Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask, what are the main perspectives we should look at?

  1. Selection of lamp beads

The components of all products have good and bad quality, electronic products are often worth every penny. For example, when you asked me why the LUNA facial cleanser is more expensive, I will answer, in addition to the brand premium, it mainly uses liquid medical silicone. Food grade solid silicone material is better. There are ordinary LED lamp beads, and there are real beauty-level nano-lights. The effect and cost of the two are very different. And there are beauty instruments with phototherapy function on the market, many of which are gimmicks, and their phototherapy effect is not as good as your desk lamp.

  1. The number of lamp beads

The number of lamp beads is well understood. For example, if the number of medicines is small, the effect of curing diseases cannot be achieved.

  1. Irradiation time

Phototherapy is a beauty technique that requires patience. Not only color light, but other lasers and pulsed light can achieve the effect after a certain period of time. If the merchant advertises that they have phototherapy, but you only need a few minutes, then basically everyone It's just for fun. Think about it, everyone, even if you go to a beauty salon to remove hair, it needs to be done in cycles, not in one step, so these projects such as phototherapy, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and hair growth all require time support.

  1. Product power

Light therapy , as the name implies, is light, so the relationship between the intensity of light is relatively large, so what determines the intensity of light is power. Everyone sees that the products of hospitals and beauty instruments are all plugged in, and the products are relatively large, all because they need to support high-power lighting to achieve the effect. Then everyone will ask, is it not effective for household use, in fact it is not, in the case of satisfying the selection of lamp beads, the basic quantity, and the lighting time, it will also be effective, just stick to it.