Is There A Scientific Basis For The Health Benefit Of Foot Reflexology Foot Massager Device?

May 3, 2021

In addition to Chinese medicine, modern research has shown that there are a large number of proprioceptors in the feet, especially the soles of the feet. Proprioceptors refer to the receptors located in muscles, tendons and joints. Their main function is to feel the changes in the body's movement and position in space, and to provide information to the center. According to reports, the proprioceptors in the foot support belt are very important for the later rehabilitation of ankle sprains. Therefore, frequent foot massage can stimulate the proprioceptors of the foot and let our body better feel the position of the space, especially in During exercise, the position of the body space, especially the position of the feet and calves, is very important for the correction of flat feet and high arch feet. This is also one of the theoretical supports that can determine the whole body.

You are suggested to use Foot reflexology foot massager device everyday!