LED Light Therapy beauty mask development trends

July 19, 2022

In late April, the Israeli beauty instrument brand TriPollar held a press conference in Shanghai and launched its blockbuster new stop VX Gold flagship beauty instrument and the new Desire series of home radio frequency beauty instruments.

This is the 5th consecutive year that Chupu has insisted on innovating and iteratively upgrading in the field of home beauty equipment. It is aiming at the rapid development of the value economy.

In the context of consumption upgrades, with the growth of people’s demand for better appearance and the rise of young consumer groups, the “economy of appearance” is heating up, and “consumption for beauty” has gradually become a rigid demand, and the medical beauty industry has been pushed to the forefront. .

Among them, the home beauty instrument has the characteristics of light medical beauty, light invasiveness, portability, and simple operation, making it possible to treat beauty at home, thus becoming a new choice for consumers to resist aging, and the industry is also growing into the next A tens of billions of "blue ocean" market.

In the face of huge market space and industrial dividends, the companies that have entered the market seize the opportunity, continue to introduce new products, and through the iteration of new products and new technologies, to meet the ever-changing and upgrading needs of consumers.

"Compared with Europe, America and Japan, although China's beauty industry has a relatively late start, it has developed rapidly." Liao Wanqing, a domestic dermatologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that the high-quality development of the home beauty instrument industry cannot be separated from the leadership of leading companies , Relevant enterprises must have responsibilities and responsibilities to serve the people.

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