LED Light Therapy beauty mask for improving skin apperance

July 11, 2021

We are having a LED low level light photomodulation with 1000 patients about 4 weeks, of these treatment, 15% were LED photomodulation, and 85% were concomitant with a thermal-based photorejuvenation procedure.

Using specific pulsing sequence parameters,which are the basis for the LED photomodulation.

After this study, we found that, with over 90% of patients improving by at least one photoaging category, and 65% of the patients demonstrating global improvement in facial texture, fine lines, backgrouns erythema and pigmentation.

Most recently, LED light therapy have been used in an independent clinical laboratory, and showed that a significant improvement of wrinkles, skin textural softness, and skin glow.

You are suggested to use the LED Light Therapy beauty mask.