New Beauty Trend: Reflexology By Using Bed Bath And Beyond Foot Massager

May 4, 2021

The health benefits of foot therapy have been scientifically proven. Now, the new conclusion that foot massage can beautify has also been confirmed. Expert research has found that the fundamental difference between the beauty of the sole of the foot and the beauty of the foot, the beauty of the operation, and other methods are the root cause, which is incomparable to any simple beauty surgery.

Massaging the soles of the feet can beautify. The reason is that the soles of the feet concentrate the meridian points related to all organs of the body. Properly stimulating the soles of the feet can stimulate the adrenal glands and promote the adrenal glands to secrete more hormones, thereby stimulating the vitality of skin cells and accelerating their metabolism. Reduces pigmentation, so that the skin is white, soft and elastic.

From this point of view, women who love beauty should join the ranks of foot baths. This not only allows the feet suffering from the squeeze of high-heeled shoes to be fully cared for, but also makes their appearance more and more beautiful. Why not?

For a long time, it seems that it is only the privilege of men to enjoy the foot massage in the foot bath, and women never care about it.

Nowadays, more and more middle- and high-end formal foot bathing and health care centers have been opened, attracting many fashionable women, most of them go in groups, which can "liberate" the affected feet every day, but also relieve fatigue. Of course, the most important thing is It's still for bodybuilding.

Place a pair of white lotus root-like tender feet in a clean and elegant environment surrounded by green plants. While enjoying the massage of the foot therapist, chat with friends or Reading a casual magazine, the tight nerves all over my body relaxed instantly, the pressure accumulated in life was released, and my mood became happy. After long-term persistence, unknowingly, the skin is far away from the dullness, and naturally reveals a beautiful luster, and people become confident.

More and more white-collar women are joining the ranks of foot baths. They have eliminated the long-standing prejudice and are in love with foot therapy. It seems that pedicure, a beauty method, has entered the lives of urban women and has become a fashion consumption.

Foot reflexology, also known as foot reflex massage, can treat a variety of diseases, especially for various functional diseases, such as headaches and insomnia in the nervous system; menopausal syndrome and obesity in the endocrine system; constipation and diarrhea in the digestive system. Diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, enlarged prostate, enuresis, arthritis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, sexual insufficiency, etc.

However, foot reflex massage therapy is not suitable for everyone. Its contraindications include: various infectious diseases and skin diseases; patients with severe bleeding; women during pregnancy; acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, renal failure, etc.; special diseases must be diagnosed by a physician Can be implemented later.

It is understood that pedicure is most suitable to be performed within 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, and the effect is best. According to this kind of consumption needs, some housekeeping service companies have launched on-site pedicure services in some large cities in my country.

You are suggested to use the Bed bath and beyond foot massager to keep healthy everyday!