Personal Care industry Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask development trend?

July 15, 2021

Many global trends have contributed to the growth of the personal care industry and are anticipated to continue powering the industry, at least up till 2017.

Growing demand for moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients is foreseen in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines where the population is rapidly expanding with favorable demographics and climatic factors.

As more information is made available to the consumers through various channels, the demand for natural active ingredients in the multi-functional products is also believed to be a growth boosting factor for the industry.

In addition, there are an increasing number of women joining the workforce in developing countries, for instance in Malaysia and Indonesia, and this would potentially lead to an increased demand for personal care products.

Furthermore, all these global trends have created numerous opportunities for natural products targeting male grooming, skin lightening, anti-ageing and UV protection.