Post-Operative Rehabilitation Via Multifunctional Electrotherapy Laser Ultrasound Machine

May 1, 2021

Both TENS and EMS deliver low voltage electric impulses to stimulate the nerves and help in pain management. The major difference between the two is that while TENS stimulates the nerves to prevent the pain signals from reaching the brain, EMS acts by contracting the muscles to replicate the body’s natural pain relief mechanism of stimulating the muscles through the central nervous system.

A large variety of TENS/EMS combination machines are available on the market. These highly versatile TENS EMS units bring the combined benefits of TENS and EMS. Athletes and sportspersons for example can benefit from this combination unit. TENS could help relieve their neck pain or lower back pain due to long working hours at a desk and the EMS can strengthen the muscles and increase the range of motion to help them actively engage in workouts and sports training sessions. Another advantage of TENS EMS combination devices is their portability. They can easily be taken on long journeys or vacations.

Post-surgery rehabilitation is an absolute necessity after undergoing an orthopaedic surgery or cardiac surgery or cancer prevention surgery. Post-surgery rehabilitation is the crucial process of re-establishing muscle strength, joint motion, full-joint movement and restore full body strength and functionality, through physiotherapy sessions and exercises. Post-surgery physical therapy plays a crucial role in post-operative rehabilitation by ensuring faster and complete recovery.

Some of the benefits of multifunctional electrotherapy laser ultrasound machineafter surgery are as follows:

Proper blood circulation after surgery, thus preventing blood clots.

One must consider electrotherapy after total knee& hip replacement surgery.

Improves muscle strength, posture and balance of the body.

Electrotherapy helps in tendon repairs.

Reduces the risk of post-operative pulmonary complications.