Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat

Take advantage of the traditional principles of acupuncture and reflexology to help soothe tired, aching feet and calves.

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1.Product Introduction:

Take advantage of the traditional principles of acupuncture and reflexology to help soothe tired, aching feet and calves. Our Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat stimulates acupressure points on the soles of your feet with electrical impulses, helping to revive tired muscles and boost circulation.

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

2.Product Specification:

1.Low Frequency 2.6 modes & 9 levels, double channel double LCD display makes your massage more comfortable 3.Micro port, USB cable 4.Lithium Charging style ,remote control 5.15 minutes massage 6.adviding excessive massage 7.Application: Massage foot

Accessories: Main device : 1pc (Rechargeable) User manual : 1pc Color box :1pc

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

3. Product Features:

● Micro electric foot massage mat dredge the soles of the feet and sooth foot fatigue

● Intelligent capture of acupuncture points, all types of feet and feet of different sizes are suitable.

● By sending an electrical pulse from the detachable control unit, it can simulate the feeling of tapping, kneading and stroking on your feet, ankles, achilles tendons and calf muscles

● One button control starts professional workouts, 2 selectable modes,15 intensity levels, 25 minutes auto run as one session and quiet and no noise throughout

● Foldable &comfortable cortical surface foot mat is easy to clean, wipe it with a wet towel and dry it.

1.Fashionable design and more convenient.

2.Remote controller, easy to operate. 3.Less power consumption and longer battery life. 4.3.7V battery power supply, safe and reliable. 5.Split design, easy to replace the electrode. 6.The timer of therapeutic equipment: 15 minutes.

muscle stimulator foot massage mat
muscle stimulator foot massage mat

4.Product Details:

1)There are many acupuncture points in the human foot, which correspond to different organs in the body. Frequent massage of acupuncture points can help the body detoxify and make people healthier.

2) Achy-feeling leas ? Swollen feet ankles ? Our newest-selling Circulation Booster-suitable for people with foot & leg problems due to poor circulationand registered for those with certain medical conditions including Osteoarthritis Diabetes .

* Reduce pain & discomfort in legs, feet & ankles
* Reduce swelling in legs, feet & ankles during use
* Increase walking distance before pain for people with poor circulation
* Improve blood circulation in legs & feet
* Drug-free clinically proven medical device

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

5. Product Qualification:

This model Muscle Stimulator Foot Massage Mat have approved by Medical CE , FDA510K, CFDA certificates:

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

6. Quality Control:

We have the whole set testing facility, such as LCR Meter, Battery Testing Instrument, Hi-pot tester, Electrostatic Discharge Generator, Leakage Current Tester, AC Power Source Digital Oslilloscope Shielding room.

  • Strict quality control,
  • 4 times function test,
  • Quality supervision involves each procedure ,
  • QC pass rate more than 97%
muscle stimulator foot massage mat

7.Package and Shipping:

1.)FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for sample, door to door service. 2)By air or by sea for mass production, please advice airport/destination port. 3.)Customers specifying freight forwarder or negotiable shipping methods.

muscle stimulator foot massage mat

8.Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 : Are there Restrictions on Using EMS foot massager? First, do not use EMS and TENS foot stimulators if you have 1)A cardiac pacemaker, 2)Extreme cardiac irregularities 3)An implanted defibrillator 4)Implanted metal and electronic devices, 5)A abnormally high blood pressure 6)A tendency toward internal bleeding 7)Epilepsy Secondly, do not use on vital parts, such as carotid sinus nerves, across the chest, or across the brain. Also, do not use if you are pregnant. Finally, do not use if you are being treated for, or have the symptoms of an existing Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT. Q2 : How Long Should I Use an EMS foot massager? First, recommendations for the foot circulation machines is to use them continuously for a maximum of 25 minutes. Also, use them only once or twice a day. Meanwhile, the REVITIVE machine can be used daily for up to 30 minutes at a stretch. Q3: How to order? Firstly. Pls send inquiry email or chat with us via Whatsapp, SKYPE, and let us know your requirements on models, quantities, colors
Secondly. We will reply you with proforma invoice based on your order request Thirdly, Kindly check the PI, and if everything is ok,we will deliver the goods for you asap after got your payment Q4: How Long will I receive my order? DHL/UPS/FedEx Express usually takes about 3-5 working days to the destination. And it's about 5-8 working days by EMS or TNT. Hongkong Post Air Mail and Singapore Post Air Parcel take 10 to 30 days to ship to worldwide. Q5: How much will be the Express for these tv boxes ? The Express cost depends on the Quantity, Gross Weight, the Shipment Destination and the Shipping Methods you choose

Q6: What’s your Quality Control and Warranty Method? We have our quality control department and professional QC team during production. We will arrange a professional QC to inspect the goods you ordered. Your order will be 100% inspected before shipment.

According to our many years' market feedback data, our product qualification rate is above 98%, and the damage rate does not exceed 2% after one year usage.

Warranty method: If there is a problem with the product function , we can replace new ones accordingly after confirming your problem product videos, pictures.

Q7 : How to Hygienic Washable Foot Mat

● Flat foot mat increases breathability and reduces odor.

● Wash the foot mat regularly, make the massage environment more hygienic.

● The foot mat can be folded when not in use, can be carried outdoor.

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