Photon Light Therapy Beauty Device

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Photon Light Therapy Beauty Device

This Photon Light Therapy Beauty Device for the beauty salon, home or office use. It integrated with photo LED therapy, radio frequency (RF)/ EMS and LCD display technology.

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1.Product Introduction:

This Photon Light Therapy Beauty Device for the beauty salon, home or office use. It integrated with photo LED therapy, radio frequency (RF)/ EMS and LCD display technology. It can reduce Acne, Redness, Fine Lines, Shrink Pores, Fading Freckles, Brown Patches, Age spots enhance firmness & brightening of the skin.

photon light therapy beauty device

2.Product Specification:

Material: Plastic

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Technology: LED Photon, RF, EMS, Mesoporation, Electroporation

Use time: 10 minutes / time

Power: max. 10 watts

Charging time: 3.5 hours

Standby time: 40 days

Power supply: lithium battery

Battery capacity: 750mAh


1 x LED Photon Face Massager

1 x English Manual

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger


1) It helps the skin to tighten, maintain elasticity, prevent allergies and other problems; It can relieve muscle soreness, reduce skin fatigue, soothe skin tightness, reduce redness, swelling and pain of skin, and resist repeated growth of acne;

photon light therapy beauty device

2) Stimulate the production of collagen, can help the skin quickly introduce a variety of skin care products so that the skin doubles the absorption of nutrients.

photon light therapy beauty device

3) USE WITH YOUR OWN CREAMS AND SERUMS. It can be used with any Skin Care Product that needs to get Deep Inside Pores. Whether thats acne treatment or Anti-aging products, it is proven to Enhance the Effects of any creams, scrubs, or serums that need to get deep inside your skin. This is because the Electroporation Process opens the pores to treat bacteria and dirt deep inside the skin. Simply use the PURPLE LED Mode to Maximize your Skin Care Product Effectiveness.

photon light therapy beauty device

4)RECHARGEABLE DESIGN- Ems face machine is equipped with a charging base that can be used not only for placing machine but also for charging.It is small, lightweight and portable for you all kinds of occasions to carry it.

photon light therapy beauty device

4.Product Details:


For tightening and lifting by activating cells, stimulating recombination and regeneration of collagen. The EMS current stimulates the skin gently causing warmth and secondary muscular movement giving a tingling sensation to the skin. The device also stimulates the hypodermis to activate the cells and stimulate collagen production – shrinking and recombining as well as regenerating new collagen to make skin more firm, vigor and elastic; improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; leaving the skin smoother, more elastic, vibrant and younger-looking.

photon light therapy beauty device


“Mesoporation” is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation which is widely used as mesotherapy without a needle in Europe. It achieves a high level of penetration into skin. It is reported that mesoporation can deliver 99% of the prepared formulation at the depth of 1mm and has a penetration degree is about 10 times that of conventional iontophoresis in a 1mm depth of skin and 27 times in 4mm, and can have amazing effect for whitening and anti-aging depending on the products used.

photon light therapy beauty device


Electroporation is an Enhanced Product Diffusion method which augments product penetration deep into the skin without needles. The macromolecular components of anti-aging ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are generally too large to penetrate to the deep layers of the skin. However, with “Electroporation” you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.


The premise behind RF is the electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes (positive and negative). When electricity runs through living tissue, the high energy flow generates heat bringing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and firming.

photon light therapy beauty device


The LED Light Therapy function of this device offers 6 different colored options to treat a wide range of skin care conditions. They include Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Flashing Pink, Mixed.

photon light therapy beauty device

6) 6 modes of the facial light:

Mode 1: Red light for removing wrinkles, enhance heat and skin elasticity. Mode 2: Green light for dark spots, against pigmentation. Mode 3: Blue light is used for oily skin, make skin more healthy. Mode 4: Yellow light for brighten the skin, deep cleansing and remove dirt. Mode 5: Pink light for whitening the skin. Mode 6:Pink light flash is for enhancing the absorption of beauty fluid,make skin more younger

photon light therapy beauty device
photon light therapy beauty device

7) How to use?

Step1: Full charging 3 hours before use it. Step2: Clean your face,apply moisturizing lotion. Step3: Long press the power to open the device. Step4: Press the power button to choose the suitable power intensity. Step5: Massage the skin and promote absorption It is recommended to use it 3 times a week, each for 10 minutes.

photon light therapy beauty device

5.Product Qualification:

This model Facial Rejuvenation beauty Device have been approved by CE, RoHS, FCC certificates:

photon light therapy beauty device

6.Quality Control and Production Workshop:

1.Preproduction samples will be available before production
2.First article Inspection
3.In-process Inspection
4.Preshipment Inspection
5.Container loading Inspection

photon light therapy beauty device

7.Package and Shipping:

Standard package and shipping ways is based on the product quantity and customer requirements.

photon light therapy beauty device

8.Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is EMS lifting face?

What is EMS? Electric Muscle Stimulation uses pain-free micro-currents to expand and contract muscles in a targeted area. This process lifts and sculpts the face with face-lift-style results

Q2: Is Photon Light Therapy Beauty Device painful?

It's not painful, but you might feel a slight tingling or warming sensation where the electrodes meet your skin.

Q3: Can you overuse a microcurrent device?

Microcurrent: Simply put, microcurrent is exercise for the skin and facial muscles. It tones and contours and helps with everything from sagging to fine lines. Microcurrent, too, is basically impossible to overuse and you will see instant and dramatic results.

Q4:Can you accept OEM & ODM?

Yes, both OEM & ODM are welcome. We can make OEM & ODM items for you based on your ideas or provided pictures drawings . We have done many OEM & ODM projects for our customers.

Q5: What is your lead time?

For large quantity OEM&ODM order, Usually, takes about 20-35 days to produce after confirming your artfiles . If your ordered product have stock, we will ship out the same day after receiving your full payment.

Q6:What's the process of order?

Send us Inquiry→get quotation→Proforma invoice approved→payment done→Proceed with the sample with logo printing on product and customer's packaging design for approval before mass production → Sample of logo and packaging confirmed → Proceed mass production → Balance payment → Delivery

Q7: What’s your Quality Control and Warranty Method?

We have our quality control department and professional QC team during production. We will arrange a professional QC to inspect the goods you ordered. Your order will be 100% inspected before shipment.