Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper

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Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper

The Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper is perfect for busy moms who need an easy, convenient and discreet way to express breast milk.

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1.Product Introduction:

The Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper is perfect for busy moms who need an easy, convenient and discreet way to express breast milk. Designed with your comfort in mind, the silicone massage cushion provides a soft fit for tender breasts. Adjustable speed and strength settings allow you to choose between suction that mimics a baby’s natural sucking rhythm or a stronger suction for faster let-down.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

2.Product Specification:

1)Type-C USB charge

2)Battery capacity:Li-ion battery 1400mAh

3)Rated power:5W

4)Rated voltage:5V

5)Rated current:1A

6)Charging time:around 120 mins

7)Running time:around 120 mins


9)Host size:φ105*53mm

10)Host weight:275g

11)Milk bottle:PP 150ml

12)Stimulation Mode:L1-L6

13)Expression Mode:L1-L9

14)Product buttons:touch button


1) Portable Breast Pump: Electric breast pumps for breastfeeding allow you to pump breast anytime, anywhere. It provides high-quality, efficient and safe breastfeeding help for mothers and babies.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

2) Safe & No Leaks: Don't worry about potentially harmful substances enter breast milk. Professional reflux design prevents milk from refluxing, only drains the breast milk, and keeps the milk fresh and clean.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

3)FOOD GRADE, NON BPA : Germany imported PPSU,Made with food grade silicone. It’s safe ,nontoxic and high temperature resistant.Each component can easily be disassembled and assembled. Other than the electrical parts, all removable parts can also be assembled and disassembled in a dishwasher.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

4)Low Noise & Strong Suction: Ultra-quiet technology creates a smooth vibration and low noisy atmosphere below 45dB; the max suction power is up to 350mmhg, and the max working time is up to 240 minutes. Electric breast pump provides a comfortable and quiet environment for babies and mothers.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

5) A durable Lithium battery and a Micro USB port with a standard USB cable for connecting to a power source makes it ideal for working or traveling mothers.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

4.Product Details:

1)The magic massage technique that can dredge the breast and cause milk bursts at the same time. What's a pressure pulse? Massage 4500 times while pumping every minute, and circulate massage to dredge each breast. Continuously trigger milk bursts, increase milk output, and deeply relax breasts.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

2)Reduce the length of breast pulling time. Quick absorption and desorption in 1.3 seconds, gentle and painless.With the support of pressure pulse technology, the breast pump absorption and desorption cycle time is shorted to 1.3 seconds.While not affecting the effect of breast pumping, it greatly reduces the injury and pain of the breast being pulled.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

3)Bilateral milking mode, connect one end of the two PVC pipes to the two three-way links, and then connect the other end to the two jacks of the main unit. When the machine is turned on, it enters the bilateral frequency conversion breast pumping mode by default.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

4)The back-lit display is easy to read and convenient for low light conditions. Large LCD screen gives increased control by showing suction level, mode, timing and more; battery power option allows for flexibility

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

6) ANTI-BACKFLOW SYSTEM: A closed system prevents milk from flowing backward or backing up tubing in order to maintain hygiene. This system also allows mom to position herself comfortably so she can express without discomfort.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

7)5 levels of massage mode, 9 levels of breast pumping mode.

Massage mode together with breast pumping mode can help mothers to secrete milk quickly, making breast pumping more convenient and fast.

Massage mode can quickly and shallow sucking hundreds of times per minute, gentle massage the breast to prepare for lactation.

Breast pumping mode have a comfortable suction, 9 levels can be adjusted, suitable for different mothers’ physique to meet different needs.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

5.Product Qualification:

This model Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper have been approved by FDA510K, Medical CE, RoHS certificates:

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

6.Quality Control and Production Workshop:

1.Preproduction samples will be available before production
2.First article Inspection
3.In-process Inspection
4.Preshipment Inspection
5.Container loading Inspection

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

7.Package and Shipping:

1) Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, door to door service.

2) By air or by sea for mass production, please advice airport or seaport.

3) Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.

4) Delivery time: 3-5days for samples; 5-10days for mass production.

portable dual breastfeeding milk pumper

7.Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why do I need to pump with Portable Dual Breastfeeding Milk Pumper?
You don’t need to pump unless it fits into your goals lifestyle.However, there are many reasons a mom may choose/need to pump, including: having a baby that isn’t currently breastfeeding, the ability to allow another person to feed baby a bottle, when mom is away from baby, to increase milk supply, to store breastmilk, to donate breastmilk, to relieve engorged breasts, to help pull out the nipples before a nursing session, “pumping and dumping”…..the list goes on and you may find your own unique reasons.

Q2. How often should I pump when I’m away from baby?

As a general guideline, you should pump once for every missed feeding. If you miss 3 feedings during the day, you should pump 3 times, etc.

Q3. Can pumping help to increase my milk supply?

Yes! Breastfeeding is a supply and demand process, which means when milk is removed from the breast it signals your body to produce milk. If you wish to increase your milk supply, continue to nurse your baby on demand and add in 1-2 pumping sessions daily (ideally at the same time each day) and you should notice an increase in milk production in about 3-7 days.

Q4:Can you accept OEM & ODM?

Yes, both OEM & ODM are welcome. We can make OEM & ODM items for you based on your ideas or provided pictures drawings . We have done many OEM & ODM projects for our customers.

Q5: What is your lead time?

For large quantity OEM&ODM order, Usually, takes about 20-35 days to produce after confirming your artfiles . If your ordered product have stock, we will ship out the same day after receiving your full payment.

Q6. What's the process of order?

Send us Inquiry→get quotation→Proforma invoice approved→payment done→Proceed with the sample with logo printing on product and customer's packaging design for approval before mass production → Sample of logo and packaging confirmed → Proceed mass production → Balance payment → Delivery

Q7: What’s your Quality Control and Warranty Method?

We have our quality control department and professional QC team during production.

We will arrange a professional QC to inspect the goods you ordered. Your order will be 100% inspected before shipment.

According to our many years' market feedback data, our product qualification rate is above 98%, and the damage rate does not exceed 2% after one year usage.

Warranty method: If there is a problem with the product function , we can replace new ones accordingly after confirming your problem product videos, pictures.

Q8: What is your payment terms?

We mainly deal with T/T. We also can accept other payments by negotiation.

Q9: Which Transportation Method Will Be Better?

A: By Sea, Air Or Express, We Can Deliver According To Your Requirements.

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