Ten kinds of patients should not have Foot reflexology foot massager device

April 10, 2021
  1. Acute spinal injury for which the diagnosis is not clear, especially those with spinal cord injuries. Tuina massage can aggravate the development of the disease and even lead to paralysis.
  2. Patients with acute soft tissue injury and severe local swelling. In the acute phase, Tuina massage will aggravate bleeding and body fluids. It requires local cold compresses for several days. Tuina massage can only be performed after the swelling subsides.
  3. Suspicious or clearly diagnosed patients with bone, joint or soft tissue tumors. Tuina massage can cause tumors to rupture and spread.
  4. Patients with bone and joint tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, and senile osteoporosis. Tui Na massage can easily lead to fractures or the spread of infection.
  5. Patients with severe heart, brain, and lung diseases, especially those with severe hypertension. Some massage treatments can easily cause severe pain, which can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure and cause a stroke.
  6. Hematological patients with bleeding tendency, especially those with thrombocytopenia. Tuina can cause extensive bleeding and should be absolutely forbidden.
  7. Patients with locally broken skin or skin diseases. Tui Na massage can easily lead to aggravated injury or infection.
  8. Women during menstruation and pregnancy. Do not perform massage on the lower waist and lower abdomen to avoid severe bleeding or miscarriage after stimulation.
  9. Patients with fractures, whether it is an open fracture or a closed fracture.
  10. Patients with mental illness who cannot cooperate with treatment.

Patients with spinal diseases should be especially cautious when doing massage. Massage therapy for patients with lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and radiculopathy cervical spondylosis in the inflammatory edema of nerve roots can aggravate nerve edema. Patients with vertebral artery type cervical spine should not use cervical rotation reduction method and cervical spine oblique pull method without detailed cervical spine examination data, so as to avoid accidents caused by acute carotid blood flow blockage. Once patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy have weakness in upper and lower limbs and incontinence, they must not perform any neck massage and should go to the hospital immediately.

In addition, it is not advisable to massage when you are full and it is best to do it 30 minutes after a meal.

Besides those people, other people can use the Foot reflexology foot massager device