The benefits of a head massage by using Vibration Massage EMS Hair Care Brush

July 22, 2022

Using Vibration Massage EMS Hair Care Brush to have a frequent head therapy can release stress, improve immunity, improve the effect of whole body qi and blood circulation, and can also improve blood circulation, promote brain cell activity, and stimulate the pituitary gland to balance hormone secretion. Enhance intelligence, delay aging, prevent tinnitus and dizziness; nourish hair; black hair prevents hair loss!

The benefits of head therapy on the human body Chinese medicine has a saying that there is a wrinkle on the scalp and six stripes on the face. The scalp meridian is blocked, which directly leads to poor blood circulation on the face, dark complexion, wrinkles on the forehead, crow's feet, and drooping upper eyelids. Frequent head therapy can relieve headaches, neuropathic headaches, cervical pain, insufficient blood supply to the brain, especially for people with poor sleep or poor sleep quality; it can also regulate dry eyes caused by excessive liver fire, and prevent seborrheic alopecia. , White hair turns black, folliculitis on the head, open your eyes immediately after head treatment, feel clear-headed, eyes lubricated, bright and energetic!