The development of beauty product for Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask

July 12, 2021

Digital technology is omnipresent in our daily life. Smartphones, e-commerce
and social networking influence the way people interact with others everywhere in the world.

It is common to buy cosmetics on the Internet and learn how to apply them by watching online tutorials. Smartphone apps help us to
match our skin and outfit.

Moreover,wearables are being created for supporting beauty—Sunfriend monitors our
daily ultraviolet radiation intake to alert when it is the best time to reapply.

Due to the acceptance and daily use of beauty products, electronic components were
embedded into them for transforming the body into an interactive computing platform.

Wearables are taking on a more essential role in our daily lives, making possible other forms of communication and computing.

Traditional beauty products are used for beautifying, promoting attractiveness,
altering the appearance and cleansing. They are easy to apply and remove, and are
ergonomically designed for the human body.

This project adapts beauty productby embedding electronics in order to extend

the uses of beauty products, increasing wearers’ possibilities for interacting with other devices and being part of the
Internet of Things.

Wearables are traditionally placed on clothes and accessories , but following our
approach, they placed directly on the surface of the body. We proposed a classifi cation of on body technologies for identifying our application context. In this way, our
prototypes were placed on the hair, nails and skin.

Our this Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask is the technology that developed.