The Development Of Skin Care Therapy LED Beauty Mask

May 11, 2021

The aesthetic medicine industry was born in the 1990s, based on the expansion of medicine, optics, electricity, chemistry and other fields. 

Professional scientific research personnel engaged in these fields seize business opportunities and enter the beauty industry with professional technology, making the beauty industry from traditional medical care, skin protection, massage and other items in line with the development of the times, becoming the new darling of high-tech, more and more The high-tech equipment entered into the beauty salon, and the beauty equipment has undergone renewal time and time again.

 The volume of equipment has gradually developed from large to medium, medium and small. Nowadays, small and micro instruments have gradually become a trend. The function has gradually developed from single hair removal, whitening, etc. to one machine with multiple functions, and the function is becoming more and more perfect. The development of science and technology and the application of beauty equipment have made the functions of the product more and more diversified and more refined.

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