The Development Prospects Of The Foot Circulation Device With Heat Industry

February 20, 2021

Massager industry definition

       At present, there are many kinds of Foot circulation device with heat in my country, which can be divided into vibration type, kneading type, rolling type, thumping type and swing type from the massage method; from the magnetic treatment method, it can be divided into magnetic pressure reducing belt and rotating magnetic therapy machine. , Electromagnetic massager, alternating magnetic therapy machine, pulse magnetic therapy machine, pulse magnetic therapy machine; from the massage site, there are foot massage machine, waist massage machine, head massage machine and comprehensive massage machine.

Its products mainly include: massage chairs, massage sticks, massage pillows, massage cushions, foot massagers, rolling massagers, foot massagers, microcomputer swing machines, massage beds, massage belts, massage balls, massage machines, leg massagers , Foot warming massage boots, fat exercise machine, wooden massager, blood circulation machine, massage instrument, etc.

Current status of massager industry

       From the perspective of its development, the vigorous development of community hospitals and primary hospitals in my country in the past ten years shows that my country is going through the second stage in developed countries. At the same time, the family medical care market is quietly emerging. It is listed as an important item in the health care plans of NATO countries. It can not only reduce the medical expenses of patients, but also the patients do not have to leave their familiar home environment, avoid the inconvenience of hospitalization, and thus improve the treatment effect.

In addition, with the continuous development of the economy and the accelerating pace of people’s lives, the overall level of population health has greatly increased. At present, the proportion of "sub-healthy" population in my country has reached about 70%, exceeding 900 million people. The use of Tuina massage for health care and treatment in my country is a traditional item of Chinese medicine in China. It is suitable for all ages and has a wide range of applications. With various massage appliances with health and treatment functions, such as massage chairs, massagers, massage beds, massage foot basins, etc., because of their remarkable effects on relieving fatigue and eliminating sub-health, they are welcomed by the middle class in sub-healthy living conditions. The huge demand and development space have made the development momentum of various types of domestic medical devices in my country, and the market demand is strong, which has become a new growth point in the medical and health care device industry. Attracted by the huge profits and development space, many Chinese companies have been involved in the production of massage appliances, making the export situation of massage appliances in my country in recent years very good, and it has become the largest export product in my country's medical equipment and equipment industry. , Its export market is constantly expanding, and its export prospects are very broad.

Industry supply concern

       The most important products in the massage industry are massage cushions, massage pillows, and massage chairs, followed by massage sticks, etc. These products account for most of the output and exports of the massage industry.

Industry export value

       Massage cushions/pillows: The back massage cushions are easy to use, comparable to massage chairs. At the same time, they are compact and light, and their popularity continues to increase. The product line has increased by 10 to 20% every year. This type of product has massage techniques such as vibration, pushing, and patting, and usually comes with a car cigarette lighter power plug. Sometimes for promotion purposes, colorful heart shapes and fruit shapes are made. The low-end products are under $10, only have vibration function, and the surface is made of PVC, T/C or lower grade peach skin, which is rough and easily damaged by sewing. It is filled with low-density sponge, which will deform after long-term use. Motors and electronic components are purchased locally. The product is not certified. The service life is less than one year.