The History Of Foot Reflexology Foot Massage Device

February 19, 2021

Foot reflexology foot massager device originated in China about four thousand years ago. It is a part of ancient Chinese traditional medicine and is a treatment method based on the same principles as "acupuncture", which is also traditional medicine. The development has a history of thousands of years, and the earliest Foot reflexology foot massager device originated in the ancient dance health care era.

"Lu Shi · Preliminary Notes" once recorded, "During the Yinkang clan, the principles were stagnant and multiple follow-ups, and those who benefited their joints, and even danced for them, are called great dances." In ancient times, human beings were barefoot. When people were happy, they danced rhythmically, or beat vigorously when they were cold. They found that dancing can generate heat, invigorate the spirit, and relieve fatigue. In addition, when people have a certain disease, they also have pain in their feet. The pain in the feet improves after the disease improves. Through repeated practice, the pattern is found, which forms the basis for touching the feet to diagnose the disease and massaging the feet to cure the disease and strengthen the body.

Although Foot reflexology foot massager device originated in China, it has not been widely spread in China. This is because the change of dynasties and natural disasters in Chinese history have made the cultural heritage of foot massage invented since the time of the Yellow Emperor almost disappeared.

With the continuous progress of society, the concept of foot massage for curing diseases and strengthening the body was very popular in the Qin and Han dynasties. The Foot Heart Chapter of "The Emperor's Internal Classic" has long discussed foot therapy. 5000 years ago, it was called "the method of observing the toes". In the Han Dynasty, the famous doctor Hua Tuo referred to it as the "Zu Xin Dao" in the "Hua Tuo Cheats". The main effect of the "Wu Qin Xi" he studied is to "relieve diseases and sharpen the feet" and "chasing evil from the joints". Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, had a hobby of washing feet. "Historical Records · Ben Ji of Gaozu" says: "Pei Gongfang slid on the bed and made two women wash their feet." This means that Liu Bang sat and asked two beautiful women to wash his feet. It is said that he was before his death. My biggest wish was to wash my feet again. At that time, there was no professionalFoot reflexology foot massager device.

After experiencing various dynasties in China, foot massage was introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty and became the "acupuncture" and "foot heart Tao" in Japan today;

During the Song Dynasty, due to the restraint of ethics, foot massage gradually disappeared. In the Ming Dynasty, many medical scientists regarded it as a good way to maintain health. Li Shizhen, a well-known medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, pointed out that "cold starts from the feet" in "Qijing Bamai Kao", so the feet are the fundamental source of healing. One of the longevity secrets of Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, is to rub the soles of the feet every day, focusing on the Yongquan point.

Foot massage was introduced to Europe in the Yuan Dynasty.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, American physicians used modern medical methods to research and organize theories about this type of "regional treatment". After they were published in the medical field, they gradually attracted the attention of Westerners. Basically at the same time, the Swiss nationality was a monk. After the device was exposed to foot massage, he also began to study and read various books on foot massage, and slowly began to perform foot massage for people. The effect was very significant and gradually formed. A set of "Foot Reflex Zone Health Method" without medication.

In modern times, Foot reflexology foot massager device has been widely spread among the Chinese people. In 1982, the professional organization of foot massage, the International Ruoshi Health Research Association, was formally established. The world conference is held every two years. Its purpose is: research, development, and education. Promote and serve the society. In May 1999, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security included foot masseurs in the "Central Code of Professional Classification of the People's Republic of China" as a profession recognized by the Chinese government. Since then, foot massage, a traditional Chinese culture, has ended thousands of years of spreading in the folks, and it has officially reached the Daya Hall. The development of foot massage has also reached the peak of history, and the foot massage industry is bound to Towards a more standardized and healthy direction!

The unhealthy body is mostly due to lack of exercise. In ancient times, people worked barefoot in the field all day, and the soles of their feet were directly in contact with the ground. They were stimulated to promote circulation, and then sweated and drank water, completing a normal cycle of metabolism. The healing function of the human body. Therefore, the body of ancient people is much healthier than that of modern people.

Foot massage is based on the principle of stimulating acupoints.

Foot massage is a natural health method that uses the principle of stimulation to massage the reflection zone of diseased organs or glands to restore their original functions, achieve therapeutic effects, and maintain health. It is a traditional medical method of the third medicine.

Our body uses metabolism to eliminate wastes and toxins from the body. The lymphatic system, kidneys, large and small intestines, skin, etc. scattered throughout the body are the main organs to eliminate waste generated by metabolism. If these organs are If the function is abnormal, the wastes and toxins in the body cannot be eliminated, and the body will naturally become unhealthy.

Foot reflexology foot massager device can significantly stimulate the reflection areas of various parts, make blood circulation smooth, remove waste and toxins accumulated in the body, and make the metabolism function normally, and finally achieve the therapeutic effect.

Today, with the further improvement of the level of technology and processing, Foot reflexology foot massager device have emerged!