The more painful the foot massage with Bed bath and beyond foot massager, the better? Just be careful not to fall into these 4 misunderstandings

July 3, 2021

Misunderstanding 1: The greater the strength, the better

  Many people think that the heavier the foot massage, the better. Often, the massage master will press the weight a little bit during the foot massage. As everyone knows, if the massage is too heavy, the gain will not be worth the loss.

   Moderate foot massage can prolong life and be good for health, but everything should be moderate, and it is too late. Foot therapy is mainly divided into two parts, the first is the foot bath, that is, the foot bath, and then the foot massage. Reflexology takes up the most time and is the most effective in the process of foot reflexology. Among them, the magnitude of strength is an important factor in obtaining curative effects. If the strength is too small, there will be no effect, and vice versa. Regarding the strength of the foot massage, it is better to feel comfortable. People who are healthy have better pain tolerance, and those who are very weak have weak pain tolerance. Therefore, people with weak pain tolerance should apply moderately and evenly within the range that their body can withstand. The so-called moderation refers to the principle of soreness in the area being massaged, that is, "deqi". The so-called uniformity means that the massage force should gradually penetrate, lift up slowly, and have a certain rhythm.

Misunderstanding 2: Foot massage is not the more painful the healthier

When people receive foot massages, because of the idea of "the more painful the more effective", they often only focus on the sore areas. In pedicures, you can often see customers grinning with pain, sweating profusely, and still clinging to towels to endure the pain. Scene. In fact, the blind pursuit of the feeling of "pain" during foot massage does more harm than good to the discovery and treatment of the disease. On the one hand, some chronically ill patients' feet corresponding to the reaction zone not only are not sensitive to stimulation, but may have nerve numbness. When nerve numbness occurs, the condition of the corresponding organs may be more serious, but blindly pursuing pain can easily make people ignore the numb part. On the other hand, only when a person is full of righteousness, the heavy and slow massage method is called easing method, otherwise it should use light and quick replenishment method. Especially for the elderly, women and children, their own vitality is insufficient, and the use of diarrhea will aggravate the symptoms and make the physical strength more weak. Therefore, in the process of foot massage, if the pressed person feels sore, swollen, painful or frowns, it means that the massage intensity is sufficient.

Misunderstanding 3: You can do it yourself

   For the convenience of hygiene, many people choose to do foot reflexology at home or use a foot tub massage. However, pedicure massage is not a general stroking, only a certain intensity of massage on the corresponding reflection area can achieve the effect, and professionals can find the acupoints. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform pedicure massage at home.

   If you want to have a foot massage at home, you might as well simply buy a wooden bucket and soak your feet before going to bed. You can choose a large, high and deep wooden barrel, so that the calf can be completely immersed in water when soaking your feet, which is more comfortable. If you insist on soaking your feet every day, you can improve blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate fatigue, and improve sleep. In addition, it also has a series of health care effects such as health and beauty, brain protection, blood circulation and collaterals. If you have the conditions, you can lay some pebbles on the ground of the balcony, and often walk on it with bare feet, which can also play a similar role as foot therapy.

Misunderstanding 4: Foot reflexology is suitable for everyone

  Foot Massage Therapy is a non-drug therapy. It adjusts the physiological functions of the body by stimulating the various reflection areas of the feet, and plays the role of improving autoimmune function, preventing diseases and treating health care. However, not everyone is suitable for foot massage.

  Women should not massage during menstruation. People with bleeding tendency may cause bleeding in local tissues during foot massage. When massaging, avoid bone protrusions and reflection areas with less subcutaneous tissue to avoid squeezing the periosteum and causing unnecessary damage. In addition, people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, and pregnant women are best not to perform foot massage to prevent accidents, especially pregnant women. If the massage is not proper, it may cause miscarriage.

Also note that within 1 hour after a meal, it is best not to do pedicures. Half an hour after massage, you should drink 300~500ml warm water. When massaging, do not let the legs directly be exposed to wind, and do not wash your feet with cold water immediately after massaging.

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