What Are The Different Types Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

February 11, 2021
  1. Micro Current Therapy: This is a sound wave therapy combined with a very low electrical current. This device performs on a cellular level by stimulating the cells and thus provides almost instant changes in the injured region. Micro-Current Therapy is one of the advancing therapies and does wonders in re-establishing normal energy sensations, by relieving pain and stimulating the healing process.

Micro-Current Therapy Best foot massager for plantar fasciitis Has Been Shown Effective In The Following Conditions :
· Relief in pain in conditions like arthritis, injured joints, tendonitis, sprains, TMJ, neuritis, whiplash and other injuries to the spinal cord.

· Relieves muscle spasms, headaches, shingles, surgery and carpal tunnel syndrome.

· Encourages the healing of broken/fractured bones.

· Improves bone density, thus treats and prevents osteoporosis.

· Helps in healing of wounds.

· Rejuvenating the body.

· Improving blood circulation.

· Alleviating insomnia.

  1. Russian Muscle Stimulation: This method is similar to Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in the way it is designed for motor nerves stimulation. This was initially developed by the Russian Olympic team for increasing the muscle mass. It is now commonly used for strengthening the muscles and reducing edema and muscle spasms in the USA. It is designed for motor nerve stimulation; however, due to its high frequency, the user gets a stronger/complete contraction of the muscle fibers and a deeper muscle penetration. This method can also be used in muscle paralysis, where a stronger stimulation is easily tolerated and leads to improvement in the condition. Russian muscle stimulation is used effectively in: muscle enhancement, rehabilitation and treating scoliosis.
  2. Interferential Electrical Stimulation: This is a unique way of providing a concentrated and therapeutic treatment both deep in the tissues and at the surface level of the skin in a very effective manner. This treatment traverses the skin with more ease and with less stimulation thus giving patient more comfort during the stimulation process. The interferential frequencies hinder the pain message transmissions at the level of spinal cord. Other than this, it is also better tolerated by the skin. The quantity can be increased thereby increasing the ability of the interferential electrical stimulation to penetrate the tissues and allowing trouble free access to deep structures. Interferential electrical stimulation is effective in treating pre and post-orthopedic surgery, cumulative trauma disorders, joint injury syndrome, controlling pain and increasing circulation.

So, Best foot massager for plantar fasciitis is designed based on this.