What is the principle of LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask? What is the effect?

April 26, 2022

Principle of LED spectrum beauty instrument

The spectrometer is an LED instrument that uses an LED light source to treat mixed skin problems. Different light wavelengths of 423-640nm, the light enters the skin to process and rebuild, calm, sensitive and other different skin problems. Excellent and super-powerful high brightness, using unique near-infrared induction SMDLED, has solved the problems of risk factors such as thermal damage, photoaging wounds, etc., which are usually defects of laser surgery.

What is the beauty effect of LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask

The LED spectrometer is composed of 287 kinds of special medical SLDs. Different wavelengths of light have different effects. They can relieve muscle soreness, promote skin self-regeneration and repair, calm sensitive skin, inhibit the growth of acne bacteria, etc., and restore skin health.

Red light: wavelength 640nm: penetrates the skin 1~6mm for skin cell regeneration, promotes blood circulation, relieves acne scars, atopic dermatitis, relieves pain, and activates active ingredients.

Blue light: wavelength 423nm: penetrates 1mm into the skin, it is very helpful for killing acne bacteria, inhibiting sebaceous glands, preventing wound infection, and calming allergic skin.

Green light: Wavelength 532nm: Penetrates 0.5~2mm of skin and has a calming effect on sensitive skin and body and mind.

 Yellow light: wavelength 583nm: penetrates 1~2mm into the skin, effectively treats skin redness, erythema, relieves redness, pigmentation, and other effects.