Why should we have a Bed bath and beyond foot massager

March 14, 2023
  1. Bed bath and beyond foot massager can relieve stress

Modern people are often in a state of nervousness and hyperactivity, which makes the inhibitory dysfunction, neurosis, insomnia, and forgetfulness arise at the historic moment. If you can calmly do a foot massage before going to bed, the excitement of your attention will fall on the soles of your feet, and the cerebral cortex will be inhibited. After a period of foot massage stimulation, the natural conversion of excitement and inhibition will be maintained, and the circulation will be normal. balance. Eventually, sleep in the dark night, full of energy during the day, regular life, and visceral disorders will also be improved. The appetite is greatly increased, the energy is energetic, the work efficiency is improved, and it seems to have the effect of dispelling all diseases and reborn.

  1. Improve the body's immunity

Massage the acupoints of the feet can adjust the body's internal potential, enhance the body's ability to resist diseases, and is suitable for treating diseases of various organs of the human body, especially for certain chronic diseases. Massage the foot acupoints to cure diseases regardless of yin and yang, external and internal, cold and heat, deficiency and excess, can treat both symptoms and root causes, overall conditioning, and multiple functions at one time.

  1. Unblock the meridians

Massage the foot acupoints can play a two-way regulating effect. The weak ones can make up, the solid ones can relieve, the cold ones can warm, the hot ones can clear, the accumulated ones can disperse, the strong ones can soften, the more damaged ones, the deficiencies can be made up, and the blood circulation is scattered. To relieve blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain, dredge the meridians, tonic joints, strengthen the body and eliminate evil, strengthen physical fitness, nourish essence, strengthen the body and cure diseases.

  1. Strengthen the body's metabolism

The plantar reflex area is related to the internal organs of the human body. The traditional Chinese medicine foot bath is based on the principle of external treatment of internal diseases. The medicine reaches the internal organs through the plantar reflex area, promotes the circulation of blood and blood, improves the smoothness of capillaries, and activates the meridians, thereby improving the nutritional status of the body's tissues and strengthening the body's metabolism.

  1. Bed bath and beyond foot massager can detoxify

After the foot massage, drink a glass of cold water to detoxify. According to medical theory: Foot therapy promotes blood circulation. After drinking water, it not only replenishes water, but also enhances the excretion of waste toxins. The kidney function is improved, and the metabolism is normal. People appear brisk and healthy.

  1. Bed bath and beyond foot massager can make you more beautiful

Foot massage can maximize the discharge of toxins in your body, allowing your face to bloom again with brilliance. As long as you master a little knowledge of foot massage and persist for a few weeks, you will be surprised to find that your face is white and smooth.

  1. Treat constipation

Constipation is mainly related to insufficient peristalsis of the large intestine. During massage, the large intestine reflex area on the foot is mainly stimulated. It is distributed in a door frame and a right angle shape on the left and right feet near the heel. Massage the anal area about four fingers up the inner ankle of the foot. , Also has the same effect. What needs to be reminded is that constipation is a real symptom, but it can be relieved, so the harder the massage, the better.